Client Testimonials

Hi Aidan,

I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the excellent job your company did in transforming my fathers 8mm cine film reels into DVD’s. The results were outstanding. The music you used complimented the he films very well and brought a sense of time of past years. My Father was so touched to see my Mother again as she passed away 11 years ago and my brothers and sisters were very delighted so see them self again as kids. And they all agree that the DVD’s will play a very important roll in our family tree as they will be passed down to the next generation of their family’s. I highly recommend this service and will pass on your company’s details to anyone I come across who is looking for this service.

Thanking you so much from

Colm and all my family.


You go home with a simple dvd in your hand .In your mind it’s just an ordinary everyday device.You put it in your player. You get comfortable. Then it hits you-this is no longer a DVD but a portal which opens and allows you to experience thoughts and emotions that would otherwise die with each passing year. Aidan unlocks this lost maze with a medium that is as clear and even more effective than a crystal ball.

Thanks Aidan


Hi Aidan

Many thanks for the cine transfers to the DVDs. Youre a true professional. A real find as far as I’m concerned. I’ll have a few more bits and pieces shortly. Believe it or not , I wrote a book (Stella Days)- for which I sold the films rights and the movie (starring Martin Sheen) is due to be mae in 2007. Its a long story but I hope also to make a documentary film this year with a few friends and if we need technical back up (which I’m not into) I’ll know where to look.

Thanks again Aidan.



Hi Aidan,

This a short note to say thank you very much for the superb job you did in copying our 8mm family films to DVD’s. The results were excellent, and the service was informative, fast, efficient and courteous. Both of my parents and the rest of the family including the next generation of smallies, were enthralled and thrilled with the results. With the DVD’s we were able to have four generations of the family together. The upbeat music added to the sense of fun we had of watching ourselves as nippers playing in the sea and football, in addition to providing enough information for another 45 years of slagging!!! I recommend this service as a must for anyone who is contemplating it. Go on, it’s worth it!!

David Bradley,



Thanks Aidan and Unicorn Films very much for the wonderful job you did putting my Parent’s Wedding on DVD. The Wedding dated back to 1966 and we were never sure if it could be reformatted for such convenient use. What you did ensures we can all see it as often as we like, and indeed most of our family had never actually seen it before this. The music you added really enhanced it tremendously and it is genuinely very enjoyable to watch, for everyone. You managed to bring it right up to date, without losing any of its originality. It is the perfect combination of old and new and I couldn’t have asked for a better gift for my Parents, who thankfully are still around to enjoy it. I can’t thank you enough for that.


Sandra Boland.


Aidan, Just to say thanks very much for the excellent work done in converting the old cine/video to DVD. I know the material was poorish but you have done very well. I need more copies and will send you in post. I have to say what really made it was your choice and selection of music added which brings a great dimension to the whole production,

Michael Doorley


Hello Aidan,

Compliments, for the lovely job you did on the 8mm film transfer Music is well chosen, special on all the cruises we did in our life.

Kind Regards



Hello Aidan,

You don’t know me but my wife brought in an old 8mm film from 40 years ago when I used to be involved in Bike racing. I had forgotten the film as it only came to light when we were clearing the house. I just want to say thanks a lot as the film is brilliant, the original as I remember was quite bad but now it is possible to see and it brought back a lot of memories. I also like the music you added-nice touch!

Thanks a lot.


Vincent Marsland Films.


Hi Aidan,
Have just watched our old family cine films which you recently transferred to dvd for me-thanks so much! It was both a happy & sad experience for me
but just wonderful to have this little piece of our history to pass on to future generations! Again, many thanks.

Phil Loughnane.


Thank you Unicorn for a great rescue job on my old Standard 8 and Super 8 cine film. I can now watch it all on the TV from my armchair,
and retire the well-used projector to the loft.



Hi Aiden for your testimional I would like to thank Aiden for allowing us to relive memories we thoght were gone forever, managing to put on DVD cinifilms which have been lying around for more than 40 years,
with such care and attention. The best money I ever spent.

Thanks again Aiden
Clare. Mayo

Dear Aidan We’ve just finished watching our ‘new’ DVDs for the second time.
You’ve done a truly wonderful job in transferring all our old tapes onto something we can look at again and again. I really appreciate your huge effort and the amount of time you spent discussing the different options with me. I felt like I was part of the process!
Thank you so much for saving the films from the attic

Ally Roche

Hi Aidan
Have just had look at DVDs – brilliant. Many thanks.
Stills and music are great.

Best regards

Hi Aidan,

Hope you’re keeping well. Just a quick mail to say thanks for the fantastic work on the super 8 conversion last week. We watched it on new years day along with the family (plus wives and fiancees!), twice and more. It was emotional and hilarious at the same time. You picked some choice shots for the thumbnails, and the soundtrack was just perfect. We hadn’t seen the footage ourselves for possibly over twenty years. It brought back some great childhood memories for me. thanks again!

Best regards

Dear Aidan
In December you transfered some old cine films of my family from the late 60s/early 70s onto DVD for me This was a 70th birthday present for my Dad.I just wanted to say a belated thanks, the DVDs are fantastic, and a real treasure for our family.
Best wishes
Karen Keeley

Hi Aidan, This Marty Hoyne here from Kilkenny, you copied a Super8mm reel to DVD. I just want to thank you so much for what you were able to do . It was fantastic .
None of my family had ever seen it and my uncle came up to the house with it a few weeks ago .
He had it all this time but his projector was broken. So i got in contact with you .
It was amazing to see my parents wedding from 35 years ago .
It brought tears to many of the family, my dad died 3 months ago and it was so great to see him full of life.
My family asked me to thank you as well .

Thank you so much

Hello Aidan,
I just want to thank you for the fine job you made of updating my super 8 film.
It was shot in 1975 using a borrowed (and very cheap) camera, so I didn’t know what to expect but it came out remarkably well. A particularly nice touch was the way you tacked on the few stills at the end. I had intended to shoot some more sometime but never got to it…for one thing those short 3 – minute reels
cost something over a fiver each at the time, which 30 years ago would make you stop to think!

This DVD features my mother and two uncles, all long dead (as is the dog!)
so it’s a nice thing to have and I’m well pleased…thanks.

Best wishes with your enterprise…

Maurice Moriarty.

This is to say that the 4 DVD’s plus original films arrived safely this morning and we are well impressed with the quality of your work on them.
Thank you again it’s a great job – we thought they were history.
All the best

Dympna King

Aiden, I just thought you might like to know how Sutton Golf Club is dealing with the matter. The powers that be were highly impressed with Unicorn Films presentation and transfer of the club’s 1939 film in particular the music from the 1930s was very appropriate of the period I await developments! Regards,