Cine Film to DVD, USB Flash Drive, Hard Drive.

Standard 8, Super 8, Fuji Single 8 Cine film transfers

Cine Film transfers from €12.00 per 50ft reel. (Based on Quantity)

Old cine film can fade or deteriorate over many years. Dampness, dust and moisture can cause damage to your precious cine film memories.

Here at Unicorn Films we take great care in cleaning and restoring your precious cine film prior to transfer. If applicable we can use special lubricant film cleaner to remove the residue that builds up on the celluloid film over many years.This improves the finished quality.

Our Cine Film Transfer Process

Unicorn Films Cine transfer Technology, was custom designed and built by Moviestuff Texas USA to create super 8, Single 8 and Standard 8mm transfers which offer the outstanding clarity that can only come from full frame scanning film transfers.

When cine film is projected on a conventional projector up to 25% of the image is cropped .This is because of the design of the projector film gate which was supposed to prevent the original 100watt /150watt projector bulb from melting the film.

Our equipment captures the full frame and is gate less no hot bulbs. In fact our bulb is only 5 watts and the image is captured using special software and hardware. Our equipment also captures the extra 25% of the film frame right out to the film perforations.

We also edit out white leader and black material from your final film. and no chance of burning your film.The sprocket less drive system ensures no film damage to your precious home movie films.

No film wobble -Frame accurate

Up to 25% more image area -No screen involved.

Speed accurate – Better colour.

Better contrast and clarity.

No hot spots from high voltage projector lamps.

Even light, no vignette -Virtual Flicker free .

Sharper than any projection method.

For super 8 pre-recorded sound film Options apply please contact us for more information.

8mm Movie film transfers

cine film transfer

We can output to DVD disc,USB Flash Drives or Hard Drive.

We also supply various gb USB Flash Drives and Hard Drives etc.

Cine Film transfers to USB Flash Drives start from €12.00 per 50ft reel.(Based on quantities) USB Flash Drives from €9.95.

We can output your cine film for PC (mpeg 2) or Mac (mpeg 4) ( .mov)

Contact us for further details

and specify your requirements when ordering.

Cine Film to USB Services

Additional USB copies with printed USB Flash Drive.

Price includes Special USB dvd style 14mm case with insert card for notes.

Supported Formats

Convert to

.AVI, .DV, .FLV, .M2TS, .MKV, .MOV, .MP4, .MPG, .WEBM, .WMV, .SWF, .XVID

Cine Film to DVD Service

– Additional DVD copies with Personalised Disc,Printed Cover and 14mm DVD Case —Call for Quote. Prices includes DVD/s -Cases- wrap around printed covers with face of disc printing plus inserts {booklet} with information as per spools.

Cine Film transfers to DVD from €12.00 per 50ft reel.

Completed film transfers can include suitable mood music,to match your film memories.However if editing is due on the usb versions probably best to leave out.

Films can be posted or sent by courier.For a small extra fee we can send by registered post. Please contact us if you require registered post.

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Cine Samples

DVD Transfers

We use high quality Taiyo Yuden DVD-R discs for our transfer service. Most modern DVD players will play DVD-R types of DVD.

The majority of DVD discs are DVD-R. Some older DVD players may not be compatible with the DVD-R format.

(All current European DVD players play both DVD-R and DVD+R discs)

Unicorn Films cine film transfer services uses specialised equipment to copy your cine film and quality reproduced is based on the condition of the original cine film.

Unicorn Films accepts no responsibility for damaged film,

poor filming,out of focus footage erratic zooming as may be featured on your cine reels.

For pricing information please contact us:


01-8397445 (Ireland)

00353 1 8397445 (Outside Ireland)


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