camcorder tapes to dvd / usb / hard drive

Camcorder Tapes to DVD, USB, Hard Drive.

All videotapes age and as tapes degrade and picture quality drops, sometimes it becomes too late to have restored.

USB Flash Drive transfers enable you to watch the content on a

Smart TV, laptops/PCs and other tablet devices.

Also the files are ready to edit as they are in an editable format. We can produce suitable playback files for both PC Windows and Mac formats.

Camcorder Tapes transfers from €13.00 per tape

USB Flash Drives from €9.95.

Contact us for your requirements when ordering.

Camcorder Tapes to USB Service

Additional USB copies with printed USB Flash Drive.

Price includes Special USB dvd style 14mm case with insert card for notes.

Supported Formats

Convert to

.AVI, .DV, .FLV, .M2TS, .MKV, .MOV, .MP4, .MPG, .WEBM, .WMV, .SWF, .XVID

Camcorder Tapes to DVD Service

Additional DVD copies with Personalised Disc,Printed Cover and 14mm DVD case, Prices from €5.00 per copy ( Based on quantity)

VHS Video Tapes also converted to DVD, USB Flash Drive, Hard Drive format for Smart TV, Laptops/PCs and other tablet devices.

*All USB packaging comes with printed USB Flash Drive with DVD Style USB Case and USB Hub & insert card for notes and references.

Phone: 01-8397445 (Outside Ireland) + 3531 -8397445


Mould on Tapes:

Video tapes in general can develop mould due to poor storage, such as in a damp shed or garage. Tapes with mould when played will affect the heads of the tape machine and will not play properly. This mould can adhere to the heads and the picture is usually fuzzy with an interference effect.

Here at Unicorn Films we can clean the tape by removing the cassette casing and inner parts. Using cotton buds and an alcohol lubricant we can remove this mould. The process is quite slow but usually successful.Depending on the density of the mould the cost to clean the tape varies from €10.00 – €20.00 per tape.

The average mould cleaning process per tape is usually €10.00.

Repairing broken Video Tapes

At Unicorn Films We can repair your broken tapes.These include

Full size VHS tapes; Hi 8/8mm Camcorder tapes; Digital 8 Tapes; Mini Dv Tapes.

The repair of broken camcorder tapes is usually 100% successful and your memories are successfully restored to their former glory. The cost to repair broken tapes is usually €10.00 per tape.

Keep Your Memories safe with New Technologies

Your Special memories should last indefinitely and new technologies are being introduced to replace older ones VCRs, VHS devices and magnetic tape players are disappearing fast and the technical expertise to repair or replace them can be difficult to find.

Convert VHS to DVD / USB External Hard Drive.

Share your video memories with anyone anywhere. Or simply preserve them to last for years to come. VHS tapes can be priceless recordings that celebrate family and friends, contain special moments and preserve remarkable events.

For pricing information please contact us:


01-8397445 (Ireland)

00353 1 8397445 (Outside Ireland)


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