Slides to CD / DVD / USB / Hard Drive

For all your 35mm slide scanning needs.Unicorn Films offer quality and professional presentation in our 35mm in house scanning services.
Unicorn Films has always had a great reputation for high quality full frame film scanning,and this reputation extends to our still image scanning service options.

35mm Scanning Services:

  • 35mm Slide Scanning Service
  • Photograph Scanning service.
  • High resolution scanning.
  • Colour Enhancing.
  • Faded image recovery.
  • Exposure correction.
  • Cropping is included.

Unicorn Films sources only high quality technical solutions and equipment for our film scanning services where we have invested considerable funds energy and acquisition of the highest quality software and encoding hardware available today.

This same commitment applies to our high quality 35mm slide scanning services, we use the most effective scanners available and incorporate brilliant software solutions provided to us by Adobe Photo shop as well as highly trained and talented staff who strive to ensure your image transfer project needs are met.

We scan 300 dpi 600 dpi 1200 dpi 2400 dpi and 3600 dpi

Note: With our scan service, time and care is taken to crop each image so you do not see the edges or rounded corners of the slide mount and each image is enhanced, fading corrected and the right level of contrast is applied so your images look as good as possible. We also substantially reduce the appearance of light scratches and dust with effective cleaning and software filtering of each image we scan.

Standard scanning resolutions

Unicorn Films offers a number of scanning resolutions depending on your needs the following information is a guide to suitable resolution (appropriate dpi) for the purposes intended of the digital images scanned.

300-600 dpi suitable for standard size prints
up to 3400 dpi suitable for 35mm Slides

Unicorn Films DVD Transfer Centre provide this service in house, as a dedicated media studio and not part of a computer shop or chain, our focus is film and video because it’s what we do best. Unicorn Films Transfer Centre are well experienced and scan thousands of slides and negatives each month. Each CD produced is also replicated on a DVD with tasteful background music.

CD= JPG for printing and viewing on a pc
DVD= mpeg for viewing on a home DVD player

35mm slides and all size negatives supplied in .jpeg format or TIFF format
Photo CD’s can hold hundreds of images per disk
DVD’s can hold more than a 1000 image files
We use quality Taiyo Yuden CD / DVD media for reliability and peace of mind

DVD Slide Shows

Unicorn Films are leaders in DVD Slide Shows, we provide themed background music and each image has smooth transition cross fades that are professional without fancy effects that can disrupt your viewing enjoyment.. Everything we do is dedicated to your family memories experience. Little wonder Unicorn Films are the first choice for film and slide conversion and transfer services.

Best 35mm Slide Scanning and Photograph Scanning Services start and end with Unicorn Films


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